You might see me as a villain in Borderlands 3.

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    This was a real email I sent Gearbox not too long ago. Yes, it sounds immensely salty... I am salty. But I also am self-aware of my high sodium nitrates and will focus them into my next bullying attempt to jumpstart my career. The problem with trolling as the older and newer internet has seen them is they lack any existential depth when a Trump presidency proved nihilism works, blackpills work. Trolls aren't about entertaining, making kids wanna kill themselves, or just being dicks... I mean those are PERKS sure. But it's like getting a job just because of the cute receptionist, or just because it slightly pays better than your current job.

    You do it because in the scope of things... it's improving something. A troll should always seekout to improve his stature and his identity. To defy time and death and maintain his ego when the void stares him down. People don't even remember who I was despite all the whining, groveling, and bans I endured. All the fucking threats, doxxing I received, civil lawsuits, and bullshit bans and what do I have for it? You guys can't even tell me apart from some of your other trolls. That's unsettling. I worked damn hard to be the edgiest motherfucker on the block. I deserve better.

    Trolling is about doze power levels br'ah. You can measure them in views, subscribtions, etc... but those things are unreliable and fade. But than again what DOES have value? What would Dragonball Z be like if it had an underlining tone of none of it mattered and no matter how many Freizas or Majin Buus they killed, some other evil cosmic dick being would come along and...

    Oh wait that's Super.

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