Steam is basically the middle-east with nerds as Sunni and Shiite

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Geta Poas, Jun 24, 2017.

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    I saw the game a contractor purchased from us. I'm not gonna link it or mention it as they literally are con-men who bought the game from us because we knew it was garbage and promised to polish it and give us royalty checks. They literally sat on it for like four years, and released it on Steam and barely fixed it at all from where we left it. That means literally they just made an out-dated free2play shit stain game to try and milk some dummies out of their mommy's debit card, while simultaneously waiting just long enough for our parents to expire so we couldn't see a dime of it.

    And that, THAT does not piss me off half as bad as the insipid moderators of Card Hunter who ban everyone and call themselves communists but love them some free2play Steam money...

    Welp, it turns out that the guys who make Card Hunter are not only petty, vindictive, little faggots who ban their problems away (which is illegal but not the time for THAT rant...) but they also are blatantly ripping off another game called Card Dungeon.

    It's literally the same fucking game. Same imbalances, aesthetically the artwork is slightly improved for Card Hunter and with a cheap attempt at story that you are more aware it's D&D with stereotypical nerd tropes of the dungeon master and what-not, but it also is even more blatant about micro-transactions. Which honestly I don't give a fuck about either way. I don't even care they stole someone else's idea. I would not have a problem with any of this had they just kept their little sausage fingers to themselves, played with their teeny little dickies watching anime child porn, and just you know... not fucking banned people. (And I mean that, people. Not "me" specifically. I get mad at all moderator activity.)

    SO... now I find myself on the side of normie justicars upset about, you know... plagerism and crap like that. They see now I'm an amateur game developer myself, and all I can really think about is just how much of a ghetto Steam really is and steam summer sales are just like when the local dealers drop the price of heroin.

    You guys are the blonde thot. You don't know anything about du'h thug life but I will teach you.

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